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VIC canned

A century of experience in vertical turbine pumps that maximize uptime, efficiency and flexibility. Xylem’s Goulds Water Technology brand offers vertical turbine models for every application, while utilizing common hydrualic designs for the pump bowl assembly. The vertical turbine can be multi-staged, for tremendous flexibility in pump selection and future system changes.


  • Customizable configurations for site-specific needs
  • Application-specific product options and material choices
  • Industry-leading efficiencies
  • Minimal floor space requirements
  • Options for low-NPSHa conditions and suction lift concerns


  • Municipal
  • power
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

Driver options

  • Electrical motors in Vertical Solid Shaft (VSS) or Vertical Hollow Shaft (VHS) construction
  • RAGDs for engine-driven configurations

Special coatings

  • Scotchkote
  • Carboline
  • Other NSF certified coating available on request






VIT/DWT 125 to 1,200 mm 11 to 11,500 m3/h up to 120 m per stage
VIC 125 to 1,200 mm 11 to 11,500 m3/h up to 120 m per stage
VIS 125 to 500 mm 11 to 1,800 m3/h up to 120 m per stage

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