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SoundPrint® AFO


24×7 pipe condition monitoring

Xylem’s acoustic fiber optic technology allows for continuous monitoring of prestressed concrete cylinder pipes (PCCP) to identify critical issues in real-time, thereby enabling network operators to take prompt corrective action to prevent failures.

The monitoring system is able to identify wire wrap breaks, alerting asset managers when there is an unacceptable increase in activity that could lead to pipe failure.

Xylem’s transient pressure monitoring analyses the operating pressure in a pipeline to understand the system hydraulics and the effect of pressure surges.

  SmartBall® Leak Detection Sahara® Leak Detection PipeDiver® Ultra
Tool Type Free-Swimming Tethered Free-Swimming
Pipe Materials All All Steel, Ductile Iron and Cast Iron
Pipe Diameter 250 mm and larger 250 mm and larger 450 mm to 1320 mm
Typical Location Accuracy ± 2 m ± 0,5 m 50 mm by 20% wall loss
Insertion point size 100 mm or larger 50 mm or larger ≥ 300/400 depending on the insertion
Inspection Length Up to 24 hours 0,8-1,5 km per insertion Up to 14 hours
Pipeline Mapping Yes Yes Yes
Inline video No Yes Yes

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