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PolluFlow® Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Flow Sensor

High-precision measurement of energy consumption in heating and cooling circuits

Internationally approved! Meets regional, international and national standards, including: MID, EN1434, OIML R75


  • Accurate and reliable measurement
  • Wide range of applications supported
  • Ultrasonic principle without moving parts
  • Upgrading capabilities for remote readout and data communication
  • Modular communication interfaces for flexibility and lower storage costs
  • Can also be used in combined heating and cooling systems
  • Automatic switch-over point for energy storing in separate registers
  • Comprehensive logging capability
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Separate 230V or 24V mains power supply module available


  • District Heating
  • Industry Heating
  • Commercial Heating
  • Cooling (HVAC) Domestic Warm Water Generation
  • Charging Systems
  • Consumption billing and monitoring for industrial plants/large buildings
  • Heat sub-stations for primary networks
  • Network billing and heat exchange stations
  • C&I billing and heat production monitor



Meter size


Nominal flow m³

PolluStat DN15 to DN40 0,6 to 10
PolluTherm + PolluFlow DN15 to DN100 0,6 to 60
PolluWatt Duo II + PolluFlow DN15 to DN100 0,6 to 60

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