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The e-LNE series is a single impeller centrifugal pump with in-line suction and discharge delivery flanges; this

series has a pullback design which allows the impeller, adapter and motor to be extracted without disconnecting the pump body from the piping system

50 Hz 60 Hz
Capacity up to 900 m3/h 1000 m3/h
Head up to 90 m 128 m
Power up to 37 kW (2-pole) 90 kW
90 kW (4-pole)
Temp -25°C to +140°C

Variable speed option: Hydrovar

Key Features


High Efficiency

Newly designed high efficiency hydraulics, with MEI values well above the ErP2015 level and IE3 motors set the basis for very low operation costs.


Long Service Life & Easy Maintenance

Robust design, different bearing frame sizes and stainless steel replaceable wear rings ensure a long service life. All service points are easily reachable to reduce downtime.


Adapt to Needs

In many applications the need for water is always varying. By equipping these in-line pumps with Hydrovar pump controller, the duty is always exactly where it should be.


Hot or Cold

The standard e-LNE can handle liquid temperatures from -25°C to

+120°C and the extended temperature version up to +140°C.

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