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Custom column pumps




At Xylem, Custom is what we do. We manufacture some of the world’s largest pumps. This greatly extends the range of products we can offer. A few of the advantages we have are best in class efficiency and some of the world’s largest testing facilities.

Semi-open impellers

Capacity : 10.000-100.000+ m3h

Heads: 2-34 m TDH, single stage

Sizes: 1000-2.600 mm or larger


10 Model impellers


Testing Capabilities

At Flygt, we’re focused on performance. That’s why we do more than manufacture world-class pumps at our custom pumps plants located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA and India. We test them there, too. By investing in exclusive in-house testing capabilities, we can test some of the world’s largest pumps. As a result, we can verify the performance and energy

efficiency of these pumps for a guarantee.

Pewaukee testing facility                                                                                India testing facility

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