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Cordonel® Static Flow Water Meter for a Smarter Network

High-performance, reliable and accurate measurement of clean water

Make it smart! Available with various communication solutions for remote reading (SensusRF, DIAVASO, Wireless M-Bus, Pulse output etc)


  • Accurate measurement of high and low flow rates
  • Durable construction with long operational life
  • Secure data analysis and communication capabilities
  • Measurement and leakage detection for challenging environments
  • Easy fitting with U0D0 – does not require straight sections
  • Handling non-ionised, low-conductivity water
  • Pulse output modules for real time control
  • Measurement of potable water up to 50 °C
  • Multiple pipe diameters to support a wide range of applications
  • Fully compliant to MID and OIML potable water standards


  • Water consumption/measurement
  • Network monitoring
  • Boundary metering
  • Leakage detection
  • Monitoring of process water intake
  • Water dosing
  • Process control
  • Water supply/distribution
  • Irrigation
  • Fire protection



Meter size


Minimum flow m³


Max. peak flow m³

Cordonel DN40 to 100 0,04 to 0,16 78 to 310
MeiStreamRF DN40 to 300 0,25 to 15,9 60 to 2000
MeiTwinRF DN50 to 100 0,006 90 to 280



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