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5th Generation HYDROVAR

The 5th Generation takes HYDROVAR to a new level of robustness, safety, security and performance

Range extension

  • The new models are: 1.5 kW 3ph 380-460V 3 kW and 4 kW 1ph 208-240V

Easy and safe accessibility for the wiring harness

  • Separate wiring chamber with a dedicated

Extended communication capabilities

  • BACnet and Modbus as
  • Wi-Fi card as an
  • All internal electronic components are

Control offering

  • Multi-pump capability come as standard from 1-8 pumps
  • Constant pressure
  • Constant flow
  • System curve
  • Via an 4-20ma or 0-10V external signal
  • Automatic test and auto change over
  • It stops at zero demand
  • Integrated soft start/stop
  • Complete set of analog and digital input/output
  • The premium card also allows an additional 2 x inputs and 2 x outputs

Additional features of HYDROVAR

  • HYDROVAR can be fitted on any standard IEC motor up to 22 kW. Wall mounting kits are available on
  • No separate microprocessor is
  • No separate control panels are
  • No large pressure vessels are
  • No anti-con heaters are needed as these are built in as
  • Error logs and real time and date
  • Quality aluminium


Advanced motor control

  • Reduced heating of the
  • Extended lifetime of the
  • Due to built-in selectable software protection, motor PTC can be
  • Minimised drive

THDi filter embedded

  • Will extend the lifetime of
  • No need for line reactor
  • Better quality of the grid
  • Reduced heating of the


Easier to commission and to operate

  • Quick start-up menu allowing faster set- up
  • Larger LCD display with additional control parameters
  • 28 languages within the software
  • Pre-programmed parameter for standard motors

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